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Published: 18th October 2011
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Carpet is one of the biggest expenses in furnishing homes and something we won't want to have to replace in a hurry. It adds a sense of comfort and warmth to our environment as well as enhancing the interior decor, so it makes sense to takes the very best care of it to lengthen its lifetime. It is good to stretch out on soft carpet in front of a fireplace in winter feeling cozy and warm with a deep sense of contentment. That is, if the carpet is clean and smells nice and fresh and inviting.

Hiring a professional who has the reputation and experience and uses quality cleaning solutions and equipment to clean your carpet is the safest and easiest option. Use of inappropriate cleaning methods and materials will likely damage your carpet. Although daily vacuuming can make your carpet look clean, professional carpet cleaning can make it much cleaner. Compared with buying a new carpet, employing a professional means money well spent.

As well as having your carpets cleaned, have upholstery cleaning done as well. If pets are allowed to lie on your couches it is only natural they will leave hair behind and eventually build up an unpleasant odor in your upholstery as well. Domestic vacuuming will remove surface pet hair but in most cases more is needed by way of more powerful industrial machines to remove embedded hair and pet odor. In homes that are not air conditioned, perspiration from our bodies in hot weather can also adversely affect the materials in our lounge suites making professional cleaning a definite necessity. Regular professional cleaning will keep maintain the life and beauty of your carpet and upholstery.

Carpets that have been home cleaned are often over wetted and take a lot longer to dry, making the perfect environment for the growth of mould. Using the wrong method for the carpet material can cause damage and means having to replace the carpet which may have been reasonably new. All in all, thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning is a big job, and one that is definitely better left to the professionals. Call them for a quote today, arrange for them to do the job and see for yourself what great results they deliver. You will be pleased you did.


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