Santoprene And Its Uses

Published: 25th February 2011
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Santoprene, a thermoplastic rubber, is a member of high performance elastomer family. It is the combination of in-situ cross linking of EPDM rubber and polypropylene. The processing process of Santoprene is similar as any other plastic such as nylon and PVC plastic is processed. The difference lies only in the levels of flexibility and durability. Unlike other plastic material, the level of flexibility and durability of Santoprene is similar to the natural rubber compounds. Its amazing quality of longevity or capacity to serve long regardless of any extreme weather makes Santoprene suitable for domestic and industrial use.

Santoprene has a number of exceptional properties and uses which is why many people prefer it over the natural rubber for various purposes. Some of them are discussed here.

=>The specialty of Santoprene is that it combines the attributes of Vulcanized rubber (flexibility and low compression set) with thermoplastic processing ease. This great combination creates the qualities of hard wearing and longevity in thermoplastic rubber Santoprene.

=> Santoprene also combines the benefits of thermoplastic and thermoset rubbers in terms of cost and performance. It is cheap in cost as the thermoplastic rubber is and offers the high performance as the Vulcanized rubber offers. Consequently, its popularity is growing for home and commercial or industrial applications.

=>Because of its novel blend of material properties and processing ease, product design engineers can reach to their strategic goals such as less manufacturing expenses, consistent quality and better product performance in various applications.

=> Santoprene rubber is made up of consolidated rubber pieces scattered throughout a continuous matrix of thermoplastic material. The size of each rubber piece is about 1 micron, though small in size but physical properties produced by this tiny rubber piece are very beneficial.

=> Santoprene is processed in a number of ways; usually it is processed on standard thermoplastic equipment. The smooth and soft material can easily be blow molded, injection molded, extruded and thermoformed. Along with cost effective feature, Santoprene has the recycling characteristic as well. Products made with Santoprene result in scrap material that can be processed and recycled to manufacture new products.

=> The unique features of Santoprene have made its usage popular with many industrial, automotive and electrical jobs. It is also used for making appliances, business machines, medical devices and sporting goods. It is also a good option for building and construction, fluid delivery and hardware applications.

Santoprene is not just used in the areas mentioned above. Many plastic manufacturers and designers are increasing its usage in a variety of applications. This is because Santoprene has the unique features of being recyclable, flexible, and durable. This is why its use is ideal in residential and commercial buildings.



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