Myths And History Of White Roses

Published: 15th February 2011
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It has been said that in the beginning, the first rose to emerge on Earth what the white rose, developing magically into other colors, hues and tones. Roses boast a deep and long history, throughout the centuries they have been used to convey complex messages between sender and recipient without saying a word. It is still so popular today to send flowers of a way to share your heartfelt feelings with others. Many people know that red roses are symbolic of eternal love, but are you aware of the importance of the white rose or its history?

Pink roses are believed to have become that way when a white rose was kissed by a beautiful maiden, making it blush. The red rose came about when Aphrodite was injured by a thorn, tainting the white petals with her blood; this is according to Greek Mythology. The white rose symbolically represents innocence and purity. Marriage represents the love that transcends all other loves and white roses are traditionally used in bridal bouquets and are known as the bridal flower. When flowers are used at a wedding, the white rose often signifies unity, virtue and the purity of love, a bond that cannot be broken. White rosebuds were once used as a traditional symbol to show that a girl was not yet old enough to receive suitors or to understand the heights of romantic love. Popular for use in funerals, white roses associate with honor and reverence, showing a heartfelt tribute, spiritual love and remembrance to a loved one who has departed but will never be forgotten

Farewells, new starts, hope, friendship, respect and purity are all instances and messages that are connected in innocence. In political England, the white rose stood for the death that would befall those who dared betray their word and in the medieval era speaking under a white rose represented the confidential nature of the discussion. The Pope declared to the people in the 16th century that a carving depicting a rose in booths where confession took place was a symbol of being private and confidential. The white rose symbolized the Virgin Mary for Christians as she was known as "The Mystical Rose of Heaven".

A florist has the understanding and is sensitive about the message you want to convey using white roses and has the ability to select with you an ideal arrangement using the white rose. Whatever message you want to send or regardless of your religious beliefs, White roses send a message that is everything pure and beautiful.


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