Cafe Style Blinds Create Shade For Your Veranda

Published: 25th March 2011
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The sun is getting harsher every year and for those of us with verandas, whether they are high set or ground level, it often makes it difficult to sit on the veranda and relax due to the heat. With cafe style blinds, you can block out the suns rays and have a cool, shaded haven to come to when you need to unwind. Its a great way to add color and style to your home without going to a lot of expense. With the wonderful range of colors and two styles of cafe blinds available, you will have no problems finding blinds to suit your home or a color to match.

There are two options available when you decide to go for cafe blinds. The first option is the straight drop. The straight drop can be positioned into two different positions. These blinds are created with materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions which make them the best option for your veranda.

All seams and pockets of the quality sunscreen mesh or acrylic block out material are sewn up with quality Tenara thread. They come with gearbox with crank control, in white or black, along with ceiling mount, face mount or reveal as well as a 12 month warranty. Included are mounting brackets and instructions. No installation screws are provided. This is the same with both systems.

The other option is a zip track guided system. With the awesome zip track system you can enclose your veranda and keep out the weather, while still being able to enjoy the view. With the revolutionary system, zip track stops where you stop. No ropes, zippers or pulleys. By pulling on the bottom rail, you can pull it up or down into the position you want. There are no gaps, the blinds travel up and down in two patented aluminum powder coated side channels which come in black or white.

Both the straight drop and zip track systems come with mesh colors of blackstone, eclipse or almond. In the block out material the colors of pepper, brown tweed or fawn are available. A clear poly PVC is available only in the zip track range.

A wide selection of these blinds is available to complement with any veranda. It will give you shade from the sun and lower the heat in that area. If you are being blasted by the sun, then have cafe style blinds installed today, so you can sit on your veranda and enjoy the great outdoors.


The zip track system is fantastic in veranda areas. Cafe blinds are making a huge impact on verandas and Image Blinds Direct can custom make them for you.

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