Block the Sun with Roller and Vertical Blinds

Published: 06th August 2010
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Those concerned with how much energy their household is consuming and its effect on the environment may choose to purchase blinds in an effort to control the amount of sunlight filtering into their home. Blinds are great at decreasing the temperature in a room, thereby reducing cooling costs. However, blinds can do more than just control light. Some blinds are designed to block the sun's rays. These types of blinds are ideal for those that do shiftwork, have small children, or are light sleepers.

Roller Blinds as Sun Blockers:

Roller blinds are typically made of high quality, heavy grade materials that effectively block sunlight. These types of blinds lay against the window when they are mounted in the recess of the window. This provides for maximum coverage of the window, which results in more efficient blocking of sunlight. Roller blinds may also be mounted outside of the window recess. In these situations, the roller blind fabric may overlap around the window. This could result in a more complete blocking of the sun. Roller blinds come in a wide choice of blackout fabrics; therefore, homeowners may choose blinds that complement the style and décor of the room in which the blinds are installed. Roller blinds are easy to use and are quite affordable.

Blocking the Sun with Vertical Blinds:

If an individual prefers the use of verticals instead of roller type blinds, this is fine as there is a wide choice of fabric options available for this type of blind. Vertical blinds, like the roller blinds, can be either fitted inside the recess of the window or they can be mounted outside the window recess. If mounted outside of the window recess, the vertical blinds should have adequate overlap. Vertical blinds are more easily adjusted than roller blinds to allow for desired sunlight. The use of vertical blinds which are made from a block-out fabric will have an effect at blocking the light from the sun, but they may not be quite as effective as the use of roller blinds in this instance. However, Vertical Blinds may be more aesthetically pleasing than roller blinds. The blackout blinds homeowners choose should be based on their personal preference.

Whether people choose to use roller blinds or vertical blinds, it is now easy to create the level of sun blackout that one desires. Blinds can be purchased to fit any size and shape of window, but homeowners may want to contact a professional to ensure the blinds they order will meet their needs. Blinds may be custom designed to ensure a perfect fit.


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