Add Style To Your Home With Bistro Blinds

Published: 28th April 2011
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A great enjoyment in our climate and culture is entertaining. Long sunny weekend afternoons spent enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Sharing meals, beverages, barbeques and laughs with those close to you can all be more enjoyable when these moments are shared in the fresh air surrounded by nature. This is easy enough to achieve in the warmer months when the weather is fine. However when it becomes windy, cold or is raining we lose the ability to be able to use our outdoor spaces. But there is a simple solution that will see you getting more out of these areas all year round.

Create more space for all weather conditions. -

Make your outdoor areas a good spot for activities for most weather conditions by installing bistro blinds or café blinds. Verandahs, patios and decks are good activity or resting spots, so why not make them available for all weather conditions. When the sun becomes too harsh and you need a little more shade, or the wind and rain become too cold, bistro blinds will help block out these unwanted elements so you don't have to be forced inside. An extra benefit of bistro blinds is they create an extra space or room that you will be able to use for any purpose. This means if you have a large family living at home, children who have friends over or just need the extra space to escape to, then the outdoor area is ready there for use at any time with its protection from the elements for you.

A style to suit your needs. -

Bistro blinds are available in zip track or straight drop. The blinds can be customized to fit your needs and come with a 1-year warranty. Straight drop blinds can be positioned in two spots of your liking whilst zip track blinds will enclose the area completely. Zip track blinds are simply pulled down or up by the bottom rail handle. The materials these blinds are available in are mesh and blockout. There is a great selection of colors to suit any home. For a much better selection, the color samples are available for order online. Quality tenara thread is used on all blinds to ensure durability in harsh weather. Simple to follow measuring and ordering instructions will see that you have the perfect fitted blinds on their way to you without having to leave your home.

It takes very little work to order your blinds, whether they are straight drop or zip track. Home additions with beneficial usage, such as blinds, always add value and satisfaction to your home.


Image Blinds Direct have the ideal cafe
to suit your outdoor areas. Available in straight drop or zip track they
are guaranteed to improve your home.

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